Deeper Perspectives on Migration & Asylum (auf Englisch)


Webinarreihe (auf Englisch):
Deeper Perspectives on Migration & Asylum

Termin: immer Dienstags, 3. November – 1. Dezember 2015, 20:00 – 21:00

Ort: Online-Webinar in Adobe Connect:
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Registrierung: Registrierungsformular
registrierte Teilnehmer, die an allen fünf Webinaren und an der Diskussion in der Facebook Gruppe teilnehmen, erhalten im Anschluss ein Zertifikat der

Sprache: Englisch

Anzahl Teilnehmer: max. 1.000


Inspiration for passionate journalism on the issue of migration

Migration and Asylum dominate today’s news. Yet it is difficult for journalists to produce thoughtful background information and evidence based analysis as the issue has a high degree of complexity.

An open online course connecting migration experts, researchers and journalists from Europe and Africa will provide information and pathways to quality resources.

The course will consist of five live web-video-conference discussions. These will be followed by asynchronous online discussions and accompanying material.

Participation and Certification

The course is open for everybody without registration. Participants, who want to obtain a certificate of, have to register at the registration form before November 3rd. It is expected, that these participants join all modules of the online course and actively contribute to the discussion at the Facebook group.

Target Group: Journalists and interested people from Europe, Africa and beyond

Your Benefits:

  • Inspiration and resources for passionate and high quality journalism on the issue of migration
  • Valuable information about a demanding issue
  • Contact to international experts in the field
  • Collaboration in an effective online format

The course material will be published as OER (Open Educational Resource – Creative Commons licensed) as far as possible.

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